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Pool digging and filling

Baton Rouge pool digging and filling

Are you considering creating the perfect backyard to have a staycation in? Alpha Enterprise LLC offers experienced pool digging and filling services at affordable rates. We’ve built a solid reputation as a team of excavation specialists in Baton Rouge who can provide the high quality pool services suited to each client’s needs.

Driveway Removal

Driveway removal and replacement

Hiring a knowledgeable specialist for driveway removal not only ensures that you preserve and enhance the appearance of your home, but is also a cost effective method for increasing its value. With extensive experience in driveway removal, Alpha Enterprise LLC offers excavation and demolition services for removal of any concrete area or other drive way material on your residential or commercial property in the Baton Rouge area.

Pond Digging and Filling

Excavation and pond design experts

Alpha Enterprise LLC has extensive experience with the design and construction of residential and commercial ponds on various properties in and around Baton Rouge. Enhance and maximize your landscape while minimizing outdoor maintenance with our pond digging and filling services.


Baton Rouge garden excavation

Does your garden in Baton Rouge produce the most optimal plant growth? Do you require services to enlarge your existing garden or to alter the landscape of your property and create the garden or landscape area you have always wanted? Alpha Enterprise LLC excavation offers the landscape solutions you are looking for.


Cistern size and output

Wherever water is limited in the Baton Rouge region, Alpha Enterprise LLC offers cistern installation of sizes ranging from 1200 gallons (5300 liters), to 6000 gallons (27,000 liters). Constructed in solid concrete, rainwater cisterns provide a basic water purification system that ensures health and safety. Whether used as a primary or secondary water source, we are equipped to provide various installation options that can be adapted to existing plumbing systems, depending on specific needs.


Baton Rouge demolition and excavation

The experienced demolition team at Alpha Enterprise LLC have developed and perfected methods for knocking down and demolishing structures in Baton Rouge. Our specialized and licensed work crew is well equipped to safely demolish any size residential or commercial structure and handle all challenges with any project we undertake. Fully insured and bonded, Alpha Enterprise LLC is the excavation service with the capability to complete any assignment safely and effectively.

Rock Breaking and Removal

Baton Rouge rock breaking and removal

When rock breaking and removal without dynamite is necessary, Alpha Enterprise LLC provides the expertise that only a qualified excavation service can offer with safe and effective services offered at affordable rates for residential or industrial clients in Baton Rouge.

Excavation Contractors

Baton Rouge excavation contractors

Excavation is an essential first step for many renovation projects, and by contacting Alpha Enterprise LLC you can get things started on the right foot. If you don’t know what you’re doing, haphazardly digging up patches of your property can cause serious damage. Excavation work is much more complicated than digging a hole where you need one.